Workshops/Webinars for Students



Students’ Orientation for Selection of Academic streams Mr. Amit Vig Career Counselling organisation PRATHAM 19.05.2020
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Mr. Sambhav Jain Fampay 01.08.20
Raising Awareness about Gaming Platform Mr. Shubham Pandey ATAL Innovation Mission , NitiAyog , Dell Technologies and Learning Lonks Foundation 04.08.20
Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Volunteers from Amoli Trust Amoli Trust 12.09.20     & 19.09.20
Talk to an Astronaut Mr Richard R. Arnold II AI School of India Blue Origin , NASA/ ATL Club 02.11.2020
Life of a Space Scientist Dr. Mila Mitra SPACE/ Astronomy Club 5.11.2020
 A Career in Astronomy Prof. Tarun Sauradeep SPACE/ Astronomy Club 10.11.2020
Astronomical Research Ms Shreya Santra SPACE/ Astronomy Club 17.11.2020
Entrepreneurship in Astronomy Mr. Divyanshu Poddar SPACE/ Astronomy Club 19.11.2020
India Inclusion Summit Various Resource Persons Scoonews/ Interact Club 21.11.2020
Documentary Film Screening Festival Various Artists Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of Natural History/Heritage Club 19.11.2020 to 25.11.2020
Mughal Court & Culture Dr. Swapna Liddle Neighborhood Diaries/Heritage Club 19.11.2020 to 25.11.2020
Space Applications & Opportunities Dr. S. Rangarajan Stem & SPACE/ Astronomy Club 08.12.2020
Planetary Exploration and Astronomy Outreach Dr. Padma Yanamadra Stem & SPACE/ Astronomy Club 12.12.2020
Physics and Astrophysics Research Dr. Patrick Das Gupta Stem & SPACE/ Astronomy Club 15.12.2020
Hobby Camp on Astronomy : Sky is the Limit Various Resource Persons National Science Centre/ Astronomy Club 15.12.2020 & 16.12.2020
Space Awareness & Astrobiology Dr. Siddharth Pandey Stem & SPACE/ Astronomy Club 17.12.2020
The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn Dr. Mila Mitra

Mr. Arjun Gulia

Stem & SPACE/ Astronomy Club 19.12.2020 & 21.12.20
New Space Industry and Satellite Technology Dr. Narayan Prasad Stem & SPACE/ Astronomy Club 22.12.2020
Virtual Theatre Presentation : Dandi – A Movement Various Artists History Diaries/ Heritage Club 22.12.2020
Story Telling on Road Safety Ms. Rohini Vij Ford India/Wordsmiths Club 24.01.2021
Gully Rap ,Football & Samosas : Kukdukoo Literature Festival Various Resource Persons Kiran Nadar Museum of Art / Heritage Club 27.01.2021
Holocaust Remembrance Day Mr. Erik Falt United Nation, UNESCO , Embassy of ISRAEL and Alliance Francaise 29.01.2021
Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse  Volunteers from Amoli Trust Amoli Trust 01.11.2020

& 21.11.2020

Interactive Session on Solid State Chemistry Prof. Sanjiv Kumar BBPS RH 25.11.2020
Awakening: Value Education Various Resource Persons Ramakrishna Mission 1.02.2021



Oral Hygiene Various Resource Persons Colgate Palmolive India Ltd 20.02.2021


(The online Registration process for admission in Pre-School (2022-23) has been extended till 21 January 2022)