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Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini believes in the holistic development of its students and staff. It continuously encourages them to explore beyond and above the curricular and co-curricular areas, research, explore and use different tools to learn new lessons and incorporate the best practices in everyday student-teacher transactions at school.


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As the Pandemic took a toll on all services across the world, BBPS RH faced the challenge upfront and smoothly transitioned from Offline classes to effective Online mode. Despite the imposition of the nation-wide lockdown on 21 March 2020, the school began with its new academic session on 1 April 2020 with the help of virtual teaching platforms. The following ideas aided the daily teaching and learning processes for all.


  • The school used Google Classrooms for virtual teaching and hybrid learning processes.
  • All staff members and the students have been assigned dedicated G suite ids that allow them to work efficiently in the assigned Google Workspace .
  • Assemblies, Celebration of special days, Intra & Inter Class competitions, Visual & Performing art activities, webinars and counselling sessions continued to be organised online during the pandemic.
  • The faculty used vibrant tools like Kahoot, mentimeter, padlet, Quizzez, Nearpod and software like Adobe The faculty continues to weave in the tools even in Hybrid Learning and Offline Classes.
  • All students from Classes IX to XII are registered with O labs (funded by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology).
  • Formative assessments are conducted using ICT Tools such as google forms, AV and SWAY submissions etc while integrating them with Choice Boards, Art Integrated Learning and Inter Disciplinary Studies.
  • Summative assessments were conducted with equal sanctity in the virtually proctored modes by the teachers with pdf of answer sheets submitted by students online.
  • Regular PTMs were held online and offline.
  • Surveys and feedbacks were conducted online to analyse and improvise the systems with Student Led Conferences as a regular feature.
  • In line with the CBSE curated rationalisation of curriculum for Class X & XII, Academic curriculum was rationalised for all classes from I to XI.
  • Bridge Courses were introduced during the summer break (2020-21 & 2021-22) to plug any possible learning gaps due to the shift to online learning.
  • Incorporation of Skill Development Programmes connect students with skills besides academics and prepare them for the world beyond.
  • The school is well equipped with Lease Line, Interactive Intelligent Panels, 3D Interactive Board, Tablets (50), Laptops & Desktops with proper firewall and antivirus installed for safety & security in hybrid and offline classes.




Continuous professional development for pedagogical innovation

  • The school provides continuous Professional Development Sessions in leading edge strategies like Storytelling, Toy pedagogy, Choice Boards, Competency Based Teaching & Assessment Designing etc.
  • A week-long training session on Project Based learning was conducted by Arijit Ghosh (EFQL).
  • CPD sessions were conducted by Roopam Sah (EDULEAD) on topics like Writing Learning Outcomes, Metacognition, Differentiated Instructions, Quick Formative Assessment Strategies, Blended Learning to name a few.
  • The Primary department completed Storytelling training module created by CBSE.
  • In addition, staff members regularly attend webinars by CBSE, COE Delhi (West), Indraprastha Sahodya, FICCI ARISE etc.


Exhaustive Training in ICT Tools

  • ADOBE in Design, SWAY sessions were conducted for the School Publication Team.
  • Inhouse Trainings for assessments forms such as GOOGLE FORM, MENTIMETER, PADLET, QUIZZIZ etc in addition to online PDF Checking.
  • Basic MS Office applications to ease record keeping and aid Online teaching.
  • Creation of Online Library Resources and its organization using Wakelet software. 



General day to day upkeep sessions were conducted to train the staff in

  • First Aid, Disaster Management, Anti-Bullying, Cyber security (for teachers).
  • First Aid, POCSO, Use of Fire Extinguisher etc (for support staff).
  • Tally, Excel (Administrative Staff).
  • Developing a Learning Culture in School (Front Office Staff).



Mentoring and Monitoring

  • Class Observations and Supervisions are conducted quarterly by HODs, Departmental In-charges and Subject experts from CES.
  • Lesson Plans and Answer sheets are cross checked by HOD to rule out any errors at any stage.
  • Weekly Faculty Meetings for curriculum design, rationalization and execution.




Safety and security of all stakeholders is the top most priority of the school and the following actions are undertaken to ensure the best for all.

  • Standard Operating Procedure for safe Reopening of school has been drawn and is followed with the procurement of Thermal Guns, Contactless Sanitizer, Foot operated Sanitizer and water system in washrooms, fumigation machines, Signage and Posters, Face Recognition Attendance Device, Videos on Safe Reopening and spreading awareness.
  • The school gates are manned 24X7.
  • The boundary wall and all-important areas are under CCTV surveillances and the recordings are available for 45 days.
  • Entry of visitors is scrutinised through Visitor Management.
  • Fire hydrant system, Fire extinguishers, Sand buckets, fire blankets, fire balls are available as per requirements.
  • All school buses are assisted with teachers, lady guards and GPS tracked by school.
  • A fully equipped medical room exists in the school premises.
  • Qualified, fulltime doctor and nurses are always available to attend the students and staff.
  • Regular medical check-up is conducted for all students and the report is shared with parents.
  • Records are kept for children suffering from specific ailments, obese students, poor eye sight etc and remedial steps are suggested to parents.
  • Regular health and hygiene talks are delivered in the morning assembly to motivate them.




The Green Initiatives of the school not only improve the school environment but also help inculcate eco-friendly habits in staff and students alike. The Green Initiatives of the school include many pioneering activities.

  • The school has been declared no plastic zone.
  • Solar panels have been installed on the terrace.
  • Rain Harvesting system has been setup in the school to reuse the collected water for daily use.
  • The school undertakes waste segregation activity with great help from the students. Thereafter, the wet waste collected is composted in the pits to be used later as manure in the school gardens.
  • The school sends used and shredded paper for recycling.
  • For e-waste, the school has tied up with Nokia and Panasonic .
  • LEDs have been installed in all classrooms.




It has been ensured in BBPSRH that staff & students are effectively oriented to the 17 UN SDG Goals.

  • The school was a part of #Rise Up4 SDGs, an International Collaborative Project. With representation from 35 countries, the SDG promoters conduct virtual sessions every fortnight to discuss two SDG goals and student activities for the same. The activities conducted by different schools are showcased through virtual art gallery and newsletters.
  • The students of the school contributed articles, poems and artwork to the #weriseup4e-waste, an International Project to create awareness about the same.
  • The school has a well chalked out program wherein Intra Class, Inter Class and Inter School activities integrated with the SDGs have been conducted for all classes.
  • SDG newsletter was published in a session 2020-21.
  • Ms. Sugandh Lal (T.G.T History) was awarded the Global SDG Women Warrior Excellence Award 2022 for her contribution to the integration of SDGs and creating awareness among the school students and staff.
  • Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini students bagged a silver medal in the International Carnival of Learning organised by Apec Cyber Academy, Taiwan for their submission “Small Action Big Change – construct a new green air purifier to sustain our living environment’. The aim of the project was to foster global competencies and create awareness about UNSDGs.
  • A team of our students participated in the IIUSATTVA A GLOBAL SDG PROJECT COMPETITION with their App design called HYDRAVO integrated with UNSDG 14 to track marine life activity. The competition was organised by International Internship University.
  • Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini Environment Club bagged the Silver Trophy in the Global Sustainability Awards under the Socially Responsible School Category organised by Arc – Ed in association with Earth Day Network, SDG Choupal and Ecoroots.




A list of activities and programmes ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of our students and the parents, too.

  • The Minimum Fitness Program motivates each student to achieve the benchmark set for fitness and good health.
  • Collaborations with famous organisations like Mokshayatan Yog Sansthan (MYS) has been organising series of Yoga sessions for students, teachers and parents.
  • In the session 2020-21, the school collaborated with MYS for International Yoga Conference from 15-18 June 2021 for webinars, discourses and sessions by eminent International Yoga Gurus.
  • An online session on Health tips and common queries related to Covid was organised by inviting alumnus Dr. Abhinav Jain.
  • Anger Management workshops were organised for the students in association with spiritual speakers from Brahma Kumaris as the resource persons.
  • The school registered for graded Value Education Program titled Awakened India by Ramakrishna Mission.
  • Online counselling is provided by the committee of teachers including a counsellor through official email id dedicated only for this purpose.
  • Mental Health Awareness week is organised in October every year to create awareness about Mental health issues and mark the celebration of World Mental Health Day on 10th October.





The school connects with all stakeholders at regular intervals on issues beyond the school curriculum.

  • Special posts on all important days, messages for students, collective activities that can be done on their own (especially during lockdown) are sent.
  • Regular E-newsletters are designed and released sharing achievements and good practices of the school.
  • Feedback is taken from all the stakeholders at regular intervals though surveys to analyze and improvise the school practices.
  • Student Led Conferences were initiated to share the onus of learning and bring more power to the learners.
  • The school uses multiple communication channels for sharing information. They are namely Snap homework, WhatsApp, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, school website and emails.
  • Orientation sessions are held for parents of children starting school every year and for those making transitions from one department to another.
  • Special sessions are organized for the parents in which different speakers from renowned organizations are invited as resource person.




Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini believes in including all the marginalized and disadvantaged groups into mainstream for pleasant and effective learning experiences. EWS, CWSN and Gifted Students - all are supported and encouraged to play a more proactive role in their sphere of The school is committed to ensure equality of opportunity and fairness in access to information and resources.

    • The infrastructure is CWSN friendly with ramps, availability of wheel chairs, separate washrooms etc.
    • The question papers are diluted and moderated for supporting the learners of all learning capabilities.
    • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are prepared by special educators catering to learners with special needs.
    • The learners with gifted abilities are provided extra material and platforms to explore their potential like NTSE, MVPP, different Olympiads and ATL Lab’s activities.
    • The platforms like Zoom (Breakout rooms) are used for one-to-one interaction with individual parents for individualized attention.
    • Differentiated worksheets are designed to cater to all kinds of learners.
    • Choice Boards catering to multiple intelligences of students are used for formative assessments and stand as evidence to inclusive education.





One of the foremost goals of BBPS, Rohini is to instill 21st century skills in the learners for professional and personal success.

  • Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini inculcates life skills through programmes such as Transforming Mentalities (in association with UNESCO) and YUWAAH for class IX.
  • The school organizes exhaustive Career Counselling for the senior students. These customized sessions with professionals from workforce help the learners fine tune their career preferences and help understand the needs of the corporate world.
  • Summer Internships are encouraged to help them have an open perspective for career options and using their communication and personal skills.
  • The school grooms future leaders of the nation by giving them experiential knowledge of Leadership. The Prefectorial Board comprises of prime positions like President, Cultural Secretary, Social Media Managers etc wherein they independently undertake events and programmes. Other than PB, the leadership positions are available in Clubs as Incharges and as monitors in Classroom. The students learn their basic lessons in leadership and team work through these experiences.
  • ICT Skills are emphasized upon to keep them abreast with AI, Coding and other Information Management Technology systems.
  • Local and Global Partnerships are fortified with stimulating connections with Choithram School, Indore and Apec Cyber Academy Taiwan.
  • The school runs Entrepreneurship Club wherein the students are initiated into preliminary lessons on Entrepreneurship and start up culture.
  • Interact Club and Environment Club activities aim at nurturing socially active and globally responsible citizens with drives such as Power to Ponytails, Awareness Talk with LGBTQ+ Activist, Sustainable Menstruation Drive, Pawsitive Project along with Book Donation Drives with KATHA and many others to the list.




  • The top officials of the management including Secretary Manager and the Principal are National Awardees and are highly competent and innovative leaders.
  • Middle Management includes State Awardees who have been instrumental in implementation of good practices.
  • Distributive Leadership nurtures more leaders depending on their skills and attitudes. The school appoints faculty as HoDs, convenors, coordinators etc to share the responsibilities, bring multiple perspective to tasks and outline tasks seamlessly.
  • Parents are actively involved in the school’s functioning and play crucial role.




The school has strong presence on social media and uses it effectively to connect with stakeholders and provide information. The school daily updates its digital accounts and

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • School website

 Admission Pre-School (2024-25)


1. Online Registration for Pre-School Admission 2024-25 commences from 23.11.2023. 

2. Last date of Online Registration will be 15.12.2023.