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Inclusive Education

Inclusive education is the most effective way of giving all children a fair chance to attend  school, learn and develop the skills & competencies essential to face the YUCA world.   Many cultures, traditions, beliefs, languages, and lifestyles are prevalent in the Society and the school respects all without judgment.  Inclusive education  also  means real learning opportunities for groups who have traditionally been excluded – not only children with disabilities, but speakers of minority languages, children from socially disadvantaged or economically weaker backgrounds/ communities, students who are gifted or with low IQs . The school  values the unique contributions that  students of all backgrounds bring to the classroom and allows diverse groups to grow side by side, to the benefit of all. We aim at developing scholastic personalities and imparting knowledge to maximize, optimize skills and competencies. As part of the inclusive set up, we ensure that the children with special needs are facilitated into the regular classroom with assistance from the School Counselor and the Special Educator.  We ensure collaborative participation of all the stakeholders in a child’s life. A child with disability is given ample opportunity for harnessing his/her hidden talents and optimizing the existing abilities. We believe that no child has a lack of ability but suffers the lack of their ability being tapped.

The BBPS, Rohini supports the following principles of inclusive education :

  • Education for all is considered a human right
  • Education is enhanced by the creation of affirmative, responsive environment that promotes a sense of belonging, safety, self-worth and whole growth for every student
  • Every educator is an educator of all students
  • learning is considered from a strength-based perspective
  • Learning diversity is valued as a rich resource for building inclusive communities
  • All learners belong and experience equal opportunities to participate and engage in quality learning
  • Full potential is unlocked through connecting with, and building on, previous knowledge
  • Assessment provides all learners with opportunities to demonstrate their learning, which is rewarded and celebrated
  • Multilingualism is recognized as a fact, a right and a resource
  • All students in the school fully participate in education and are empowered to exercise their rights and accept their responsibilities as citizens
  • All students in the school community have a voice and are listened to so that their input and insights are taken into account,
  • Diversity is understood to include all members of a community
  • All students experience success as a key component of learning.


  • The school counsellor actively participates in the parent/child interaction at the time of the admission process to evaluate if the child has any special education needs.
  • Special educator guides the teachers on early identification of children with special needs as per guidelines of PRASHAST checklist released by Department of School Education and Literacy, MOE.
  • Individual education plan (IEP) is formulated and implemented in collaborative teaching and adaptations of the curriculum are done as per the needs of CWSN.
  • Learners with mild educational needs are integrated with grade-level classes for academics and co-curricular activities and are pulled out to transact the academic curriculum at their level by the special educator.
  • Remediation for students with special needs is provide by clubbing their regular time table with remedial classes, thus ensuring that their needs are catered to without adversely affecting their academics or co-curricular interests.
  • The facility of various therapies like , counselling, yoga therapy and special education, along with life skill training is provided as per the need of individual learner.
  • Differential instruction in optimal learning environment, collaboration and use of assistive technologies is promoted.
  • Changes in assessment pattern like dilution in question paper, lienenancy in evaluation, bigger font size (for visually impaired) are done as per need.
  • Frequent Parent teacher Meetings and counselling sessions are scheduled for students with special needs.
  • Teachers encourage Peer Mentors to help the students with special needs not only in academics but also in learning socially acceptably behavior.
  • Students of classes X and XII are provided with concessions/exemptions as prescribed by the CBSE vide circular no. CBSE/COORD/112233/2019 dated 12 April 2019.
  • School infrastructure is student friendly with ramps, railings, toilets for CWSN etc.
  • Ample opportunities and exposure is given to gifted students to home & showcase their talent at Zonal/District/National/International level.