Student Council


To maintain the discipline of the school and coordinate other activities prefectorial board is formed in both junior and senior category every year with Head Boy and Head Girl at its head. This also includes sports captains, vice head boy, vice head girl, various house captains and prefects.






S. No. Name Class Designation
1. Nupur Sehgal V  C Head Girl
2. Aditya Kakkar V  B Head Boy
3 Anushka Bansal V  A Vice Head Girl
4. Mokshit Dahiya V  C Vice Head Boy
5. Angel Kansal V  C Cultural Secretary
6. Nishkarsh  Malik V  A Sports Secretary
7. Arnav Gupta V  A House Captain ( Abhimanyu)
8. Manvi Singh V  D House Captain ( Abhimanyu)
9. Shailmanyu Diwan V  D House Captain ( Ashoka)
10. Vashnavi V  D House Captain ( Ashoka)
11. Vanshdeep Singh V  B House Captain ( Jawahar)
12. Navya Sharma V  D House Captain ( Jawahar)
13. Yogya Singhal V  C House Captain ( Mother Teresa)
14. Sharanya Rohatgi V  B House Captain ( Mother Teresa)
15. Nipun Patwari V  D House Captain (Shastri )
16. Eva Jha V  B House Captain ( Shastri)
17. Nandit Singal V  A House Captain ( Shivaji)
18. Unnati Pahuja V  A House Captain ( Shivaji)
19. Aabhya Thyagarajan III  A Prefect
20. Kanav Jain III  A Prefect
21. Aarnav Jain III   B Prefect
22. Peehu Bassi III  B Prefect
23. Aayan Garg III  C Prefect
24. Ayushi  Jain III  C Prefect
25. Ishita  Singhal III  D Prefect
26. Suhaan Motwani III  D Prefect
27. Janya  Bhasin IV  A Prefect
28. Grayson  Jimmy IV  A Prefect
29. Manthan Aggarwal IV  B Prefect
30. Ameya  Narang IV  B Prefect
31. Samyak  Sharma IV  C Prefect
32. Aishta  Gupta IV  C Prefect
33. Tanmay IV  D Prefect
34. Sai Sanjitha Mutnuru IV  D Prefect
35. Hitu  Khanna V  A Prefect
36. Aaryan V  A Prefect
37. Vaibhav Passi V  B Prefect
38. Harshita V  B Prefect
39. Dhruv Behl V  C Prefect
40. Pranshi Mittal V  C Prefect
41. Soumil Aggarwal V  D Prefect
42. Linsha Rehani V  D Prefect



S. No. Name Class Designation
1 Kaashvi Aggarwal VIII A Vice Head Girl
2 Mohit Gulati VIII B Vice Head Boy
3 Harprabh Singh VIII D Cultural Secretary
4 Kriti Khurana VIII C Sports Secretary
5 Ritisha Kathuria VI A Prefect
6 Nikhil Johari VI A Prefect
7 Tuhina Sharma VI B Prefect
8 Ankit Singh VI B Prefect
9 Muskan Walia VI C Prefect
10 Agam Bhatt VI C Prefect
11 Hiya Trehan VI D Prefect
12 Pragyat Gurha VI D Prefect
13 Hitee Bhardwaj VII A Prefect
14 Kashvi Arora VII A Prefect
15 Vani Makan VII A Prefect
16 Manya Mittal VII B Prefect
17 Nandini Jain VII B Prefect
18 Risha Gupta VII B Prefect
19 Tisshya Sharma VII B Prefect
20 Shreya Sinha VII B Prefect
21 Pavi Gupta VII B Prefect
22 Arushi Polamraju VII B Prefect
23 Nishant Chaturvedi VII B Prefect
24 Vrinda Gupta VII C Prefect
25 Vasu Jain VII C Prefect
26 Anshul Aggarwal VII D Prefect
27 Tanya Jain VIII A Prefect
28 Kapish Goel VIII A Prefect
29 Ananya Aggarwal VIII C Prefect
30 Dev Tyagi VIII C Prefect



S. No. Name Class Designation
1. Yashaswini Singh Chauhan XI D Head Girl
2 Adil Sikka XI C Head Boy
3 Tanvi Bhandari XI C Vice Head Girl
4 Devanshi Jain XI C Vice Head Girl
5 Rahul Mittal XI A Vice Head Boy
6 Raghav Gupta XI A Vice Head Boy
7 Shreya Jain XI C Cultural Secretary
8 Sejal Gupta XI D Cultural Secretary
9 Riya Joon XI B Sports Secretary
10 Chirag Chadha XI A Sports Secretary
11 Garima Shrivastva IX A Prefect
12 Shishir Garg IX A Prefect
13 Sonal Vats IX B Prefect
14 Animesh Gupta IX B Prefect
15 Dhristi Jain IX C Prefect
16 Shivam Jain IX C Prefect
17 Mehak Gupta IX D Prefect
18 Bhavya Bhatia IX D Prefect
19 Sana Bhandari X A Prefect
20 Aksh Garg X A Prefect
21 Rishi Singhal X B Prefect
22 Mansi Gupta X C Prefect
23 Isha Goyal X C Prefect
24 Vipul Parasher X C Prefect
25 Jhanvi Garg X D Prefect
26 Divyansh Chauhan X D Prefect
27 Alisha XI A Prefect
28 Kritika Malhotra XI A Prefect
29 Tanvi Goel XI B Prefect
30 Nishka Chadha XI B Prefect
31 Jhanvi Bhatia XI C Prefect
32 Divya Jain XI C Prefect
33 Anushka Kapur XI C Prefect
34 Jasleen Kaur XI C Prefect
35 Yatin Miglani XI C Prefect
36 Sanskriti XI D Prefect