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Principal’s Message


 “Unless you challenge yourself, you will not learn. You will not grow. Education is the art of challenging and overcoming.”
Amit Ray, (Indian Author)

Challenges are the staple fodder on which human fortitude and perseverance grows and manifests in the most extraordinary colours. The harder the trials and tribulations, the greater the shine of victory and achievements. The past few years have been testing human mettle like never before and it is the spirit of humanity that has emerged triumphant. This has been the consequence of collective human effort and enterprise, the irrepressible and infinite will of mankind. And, education plays the most crucial & organic role in instilling the resolve to never give up along with cognitive strength.

The year gone by was primarily spent undoing the aftermath of COVID pandemic and the school too had faced lot of hurdles in getting back to physical environs of the school with both excitement as well as apprehension. However, with magnanimous support from the Child Education Society & its visionary members, School Managing Committee and the members of parent community, we transitioned smoothly and successfully. The school is once again abuzz with the noises of learning, the energy of action and the music of life. The best course of action today, as always, is to look forward to the future – the future that is rich with promises and potential. We step into the new year understanding our responsibilities as well as obstacles. The only thing that will stand in our stride is our zest for making the world at large, and the school in specific a better place. Using technology effectively, improving the infrastructure continuously, guiding children to careers of the future adequately, enhancing skills & competencies regularly, educating & assessing with the latest norms of NEP seamlessly, training & empowering the teacher efficaciously etc will be few of our many objectives. The lessons of the past and the preparedness for the future will pave our path and direct it onwards to our goal – holistic and futuristic education for our children.

Looking forward to enriching & progressive year ahead. Happy New Year, 2023




 Admission Pre-School (2024-25)


1. Online Registration for Pre-School Admission 2024-25 commences from 23.11.2023. 

2. Last date of Online Registration will be 15.12.2023.