Community Service

Psychology students of class 12-B and D along with psychology teacher visited Amar jyoti Special School on 3 rd september 2022 Saturday to gain hands on experience of this field.They provided a guide who helped the students with school tour, each and every department ranging from visually imapired, hearing impaired, cerebral palsy etc. The guide educated the students about the functioning of the school and how special children are being taught using special devises. The students met and interacted with children of special needs and even played basket ball with the state level champion who was also soecially abled. The visit was very enriching and informative for everyone.

AIDS Awareness Campaign

On this World AIDS Day, the interactors of BBPSRH conducted a webinar to spread awareness regarding the spread of

HIV virus and how it can be prevented. The webinar was conducted for classes 6-11. An informative instagram post was made regarding the same.


BBPSRH Interact club organized a book donation drive in collaboration with Delhi-elite and Pro-Scholar. It was conducted from 6th to 9th December. In total 750 books of various genres were collected some of them are academic books, novels, fictional books, magazines, biographies and many more. Then the books were soughed out according to the genres and then were donated for setting up a library in the slums. The drive was successful with the help of dedication, hard work and enthusiasm by the interactors.



The interactors of BBPSRH Interact Club organized a successful donation-drive: “Funding the Future”, in collaboration with the NGO “Shubhakshika Educational Society” on the occasion of Christmas. The interactors donated 150+ items including Bags, jackets and pencil boxes. The interactors worked with enthusiasm and showed great participation.



The interactors of BBPSRH donated e-waste for recycling. We donated a variety of devices such as computers, printers, laptops, extension cords etc.




In our country, till this day all period products from pads to menstrual cups are still considered a luxury. These products are often over priced which makes it difficult for people to access them. Because of the absence of these products, people use whats accessible to them, which might not be very hygienic. Because of lack of awareness

or proper hygiene, these people often suffer from diseases. So the interactors of BBPSRH organised a sanitary Napkin Donation Drive to donate sanitary pads to those who required them and to also explain to them the importance of maintaining one’s hygiene especially while menstruating. The drive was a success, we donated over 50 sanitary pads in the span of 5 days.


Interact Club of BBPSRH organized a Diwali Donation

drive, under which we collected rations to donate to the support staff of our school on the occasion of Diwali under the project ‘Khushiyan’. We collected rations such as pulses, aata, rice etc. This was a very successful drive, we donated over 50kg of pulses, 45 kg of aata, 30kg of salt and 40 kg of pulses to the support staff of our school.


The Interactors Of Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini Collaborated with the Rotaract Club Of Maharaja Agrasen for this 10 day plastic recycling drive called “RECOLOGY”. The Interactors participated with zest & zeal and collected over 2000 plastic utensils/ packets for Recycling. The Plastic was handed over to Rtr. Devansh. Our Club’s target given by MAPS Rotaract club was 80 packets, but we never limited ourselves and thus collected over 2000. BBPSRH Interact Club was highly appreciated by the respective Rotaract Clubs.


The Interact Club of BBPSRH initiated project ‘sun toh lo’ a video concept by an influential artist Avanti Nagral. In this project the interactors of BBPSRH talked about how adolescents go through many problems mentally and all they need a shoulder to lie on or just someone to talk to, who would listen to them without any judgement.

The interactors of BBPSRH put together a video on a concept similar to the one initiated by Avanti Nagral. The video was by many people and has 1k+ views on Instagram.

Bal Bharati is actively involved in community service and interaction programmes wherein the students actively participate in various community service projects right through the year.

Projects like neighbourhood cleanliness drive, health and hygiene campaigns, ‘say no to polybags’ campaign, working towards clean and green city (plantation campaign), literacy campaign, Literacy campaign(EOTO projects), donation campaign etc are planned and organized with a dual objective of contributing to the community and sensitizing students by making them aware of the needs and suffering of their less privileged fellow men.

Participation in these programmes not only makes the students sensitive and responsible but also instill in them sound values which form a strong foundation for their developing character and personality.

 Admission Pre-School (2024-25)


1. Online Registration for Pre-School Admission 2024-25 commences from 23.11.2023. 

2. Last date of Online Registration will be 15.12.2023.